LA SOCCER ACADEMY strives to provide the best in soccer instruction from ages 3 and up. Focusing on teaching the proper techniques used for playing the game, we have broken our clinics down by age group:

LITTLE FEET - Aimed at ages 3-5, the Little Feet program was created to help develop the motor skills needed to play the game. Running at different speeds, changing directions, balance, and agility are taught through various fun games that allow the children (and parents), to see just how athletic they can be at such an early age. Physical boundaries and teamwork are introduced with the same enthusiasm, and allow children to get an idea of how the game is played. The addition of a ball at the child's feet helps to develop the coordination skills that will help them in any sport or physical activity. This program focuses on the basic elements of soccer in a completely fun, non-competitive environment.

SOCCER KIDS - The Soccer Kids program is aimed at ages 6-9, who may or may not have played the game before. Basic elements of the game are covered, including footskills, agility and balance, teamwork, passing and shooting. After the Soccer Kids have shown mastery of the basic skills, we introduce positions and start playing actual games. The introduction of our LA Soccer Academy "Tricktionary," which is a collection of proven moves and fakes that work in games, will allow each player to mimic some of the moves of the world's top players. At the end of the 6 week session, each player receives a progress report which will highlight all of the things we have learned, so they can refer to it on their own. Again, our coaches lead fun, entertaining sessions filled with positive reinforcement and teamwork.

SOCCER STARS - For players aged between 9-12 (the 'Golden Age' of learning) The Soccer Stars programs will focus on the core elements of soccer: ball control, passing and receiving, 1 on 1 attacking and defending, speed, finishing and group play. These sessions are challenging, but fun and very rewarding. Each player is given an evaluation, and a continuation report that tells them what they need to do to keep improving as a soccer player.

SOCCER PROS - For players between 13-18. These camps and clinics are for players who may be playing for teams at the competitive club and high school level. The focus is directed toward improving individual skill, speed, strength, and teamwork so players will be able to compete at the highest levels possible. The Soccer Pros program is for serious soccer players who are always finding ways to improve their game.

ADULT SOCCER - It's never too late for anybody to learn the game of soccer. Whether you have played other sports before or not, soccer is a great way to stay fit and develop coordination with your entire body. LA Soccer Academy has worked with many adults ranging from 20-45, teaching basic skills and concepts in a fun, safe environment where mistakes are encouraged. Fitness has never been so fun with soccerobics and light competition!

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